Proof Collective’s PROOF of Conference has been cancelled following low ticket demand, ruffling the feathers of many Moonbirds and Grails collectors.

Quick Take: 

  • Proof Collective cancels its PROOF of Conference event scheduled for May. 
  • The event’s aim was to sell out over featuring high-profile speakers like Beeple and Gary Vee.
  • However, the event had lower-than-expected ticket sales, with only around 100 tickets sold.
  • Refunds were provided for all tickets, hotels, and airfare cancellations, but many collectors are still unsatisfied.

Decision-Making Behind Canceling PROOF of Conference 

Web3 company Proof Collective founded by Kevin Rose — the creator of Moonbirds and Grails — had high expectations for its Proof of Conference. The event was initially taking place May 11-13, 2023, in the creative oasis of Downtown Los Angeles.

With guest speakers like BeepleYuga LabsGary Vee, and others set to take the stage, Proof believed it would be a sell-out. But how wrong were they?

Rose blames the lack of ticket sales on lousy timing, stating, “As you know, in the world of NFTs, timing is everything. And today, it’s time for us to recognize that right now isn’t the right time for the PROOF of Conference” on Proof’s official website.

All ticket buyers received refunds yesterday, including hotel bookings through its discounted service. In addition, those incurring cancellation fees for airfare can submit them to Proof for consideration of a refund.

Proof’s website also states “any other expense requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.”

According to Proof on its recent Town Hall meeting, it only managed to sell one hundred tickets. Hence, the event is not worth hosting.

After the news broke, around 31 Moonbird holders unstaked their NFTs, according to Proof’s “nesting” data — despite staked birds gaining rewards for being “locked up”.

The conference may still take place, but at a later date.

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