Straight from the frosty wilderness, Pudgy Penguins is flying high, debuting an exclusive line of toys and an interactive platform, ‘Pudgy World’.

Quick Takes: 

  • Pudgy Penguins has launched a new line of tangible toys on major retail platforms (including Amazon) and a new interactive online network dubbed ‘Pudgy World’.
  • Each toy includes a redeemable mystery box that opens Pudgys’ new virtual world. Buyers can unlock 4-6 NFT trait cards to create and trade characters. 
  • ‘Pudgy World’ is a social media network for fans to develop bespoke characters and interact with like-minded individuals — fans of Pudgy Penguins!

Pudgy Penguins’ New Toy Collection

As of today, Pudgy Penguins’ fans across the globe can acquire several ‘community licensed’ physical toys available on Amazon alongside other global retail platforms.

The NFT project’s alluring new offerings are available in various styles, allowing consumers to purchase Pudgy Penguins characters, plushies, and igloos. Each item accompanies a birth certificate, adoption card, and mystery box, redeemable in the newly debuted ‘Pudgy World’.

Bringing together a new wave of Pudgy Penguins fans and NFT enthusiasts, each document that comes with the tangible treats embeds a QR code. Scanning the code unravels a redemption card that opens 4-6 NFT trait cards within the Pudgy World platform. Consequently, all owners can sell, trade, or utilize these traits via an in-game character creation feature.

Pudgy Penguins new revolutionary character builder, Pudgy World, enables visitors of the platform to design their own state-of-the-art ‘Forever Pudgy’. These creations are mintable on the Polygon network as dynamic NFTs. Once generated, creators can go back for more to personalize their cute characters however they wish, trading all apparel and accessories for a new façade.

However, it’s important to note that there’s much more to Pudgy World than opening a virtual wardrobe. This new feature is an engaging and sprawling social media network where Pudgy fans from across the globe can interact over having a shared interest — a love for Pudgy Penguins.

The OG NFT platform aims to continue expanding its new virtual world to bring together a larger community and harmony. This new world is open for everyone to enjoy — regardless of whether or not they own a Pudgy NFT. Although, only toy owners can unlock the additional NFT traits.

This is an exciting time for the OG NFT brand, and everyone can be a part of it!

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