The Yugaverse saw a lot of punk action on Friday. A prominent NFT collector and trader purchased a rare six-trait CryptoPunk for a whopping 190 ETH ($353,000 USD).

Quick Takes: 

  • Punks OTC acquired CryptoPunk #2202 from SeedPhrase for $353k.
  • A reason behind the pricey purchase includes being the 19th rarest Punk out of the collection of 10k.
  • Interestingly, there are only 11 other six-trait CryptoPunk NFTs like CryptoPunk #2202.

Desirability Behind CryptoPunk #2202 

CryptoPunk #2202 is an extremely rare female punk, showcasing six defining features: straight hair, classic shades, a mole, a choker, hot lipstick, and an earring. Consequently, according to Rarity Tools, such traits make the digital asset the 19th rarest CryptoPunk. Therefore, high in value.

Once successfully acquiring the coveted asset, Punks OTC shared the good news on Twitter:

PunksOTC purchased the digital asset from SeedPhrase — another active investor of CryptoPunk NFTs (the wallet addresses are 0x0232d1 from 0x1da533). 

Another factor adding to the purchase of CryptoPunk #2202 includes there only being 11 more rare six-trait CryptoPunks that exist:

This large amount of ETH spending shows the desirability and rarity of certain digital assets. Hence, many CryptoPunks sell for six figures alone!

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