RTFKT and Ledger announced at NFT Paris that they are forging together to produce a holistic blockchain learning experience. Thanks to their new educational materials, customers can protect their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) alongside other digital assets for better self-custody.

Quick Take: 

  • Ledger and RTFKT join forces to provide security management and storage of NFTs and other digital assets.
  • The partnership will include educational programs alongside collaborative drops to inform customers of the importance of security when entering the Web3 sphere.
  • RTFKT’s innovative approach and creativity will bring a fun approach to safety and exciting new items to the Ledger Market.
  • Together, they aim to become the go-to place for high-end, secure phygital collectibles and NFTs.
Demonstration of RTFKT Ledger, by RTFKT

The Need for RTFKT and Ledger’s Partnership 

RTFKT is a leading fashion and collectibles brand in the Web3 sphere, creating high-end phygital products and digital items with creative designs. On the other hand, Ledger is a hardware wallet that stores and manages cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Ledger NFTs, users can safely handle and store NFTs on their Ledger device, providing an extra layer of security.

Together, the two Web3 firms are forging to inform blockchain users of the importance of security on-chain. Ledger already offers educational experiences through programs like Ledger Quest. However, this new partnership will include numerous educational programs alongside collaborative drops.

The firms announced this good news at NFT Paris, revealing the RTFKT x Ledger collection for the first time. The founder of RTFKT, Benoit Pagotto, took to the stage to tell the attendees about the exciting journey ahead.

Moreover, given its large number of collectors, security and safety are paramount to RTFKT. Partnering with Ledger means the fashion brand can safely secure its NFTs and other valuable digital assets.

By adding new and exciting items to the Ledger Market, RTFKT can transform its platform into a go-to hub for top-notch phygital collectibles and NFTs. In addition, each RTFKT Collection that sells on the Ledger market will include a unique approach to education, explaining the best practices for using a cold wallet.

This new bond also brings collectors a limited-edition all-white Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X. Both devices will be purchasable as NFTs, opening up the chance to redeem the physical item.

Future collaborations will include RTFKT Quests, making their educational resources accessible to everyone.

In short, by forging together, RTFKT and Ledger combine art, fashion, and technology in security-conscious ways.

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