Renowned lifestyle brand Smiley is teaming up with fashion tech innovator Space Runners. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to transform the Web3 landscape. The partnership introduces Smiley Worlds as the digital equivalents of social media’s blue checkmarks. These serve as symbols of global positivity, bringing exclusive privileges to their holders.

Quick Takes:

  • Smiley and Space Runners collaborate to introduce Smiley Worlds, offering exclusive privileges and unique NFT drops to owners.
  • The partnership revolutionizes the licensing market, combatting counterfeit NFTs and securing digital asset ownership.
  • Smiley Worlds combine AI, NFTs, and physical merchandise, revolutionizing digital ownership and artistic expression.

Smiley World owners can participate in future launches and benefit from merchandise sales. Also, they will receive a range of future NFT drops, which uniquely embody their world’s identity. Moreover, the collaboration encourages owners to propose innovative NFT applications and directly work with the creative minds at Space Runners. Space Runners is renowned for its earlier collaboration with fashion leader Balmain, producing a blend of digital and physical fashion pieces.

Collaboration eliminates the scourge of counterfeit NFTs, paving the way for other IP brands to follow.

Space Runner NFTs: Changing the NFT Game 

The Space Runners collaboration is poised to revolutionize the licensing market and tap into Web3’s untapped potential. It aims to combat counterfeit NFTs by creating immutable blockchain records for digital assets ownership. This solution will chart the course for other IP brands looking to secure their digital assets.

As per the creators, NFT buyers are not mere spectators but vital partners in the venture. They participate in direct sales, events, and joint collections. The platform, integrating artificial intelligence, opens doors for collaboration with leading fashion brands and retailers.

A Journey Across Real and Virtual Realities 

The collection unfolds an engrossing story of ten Smiley Worlds. They unite to fend off a looming black hole, triggering a rebirth across their realms. In celebration, they release their values and utilities as NFTs. This empowers the community to enhance their abilities and spread positivity far and wide.

The different worlds in the collection each focus a unique theme, ranging from streetwear and gaming to music and mental health. Additionally, through Smiley World, Smiley and Space Runners fuse AI,  digital collectibles, and physical merchandise, indicating a new digital ownership and artistic expression era.

The Space Runners initiative, following Puma’s approach with the Black Station 2 release, links NFTs with physical products. Importantly, it also incorporates traditional payment methods. Customers can now pay with standard cards, moving away from the previously dominant cryptocurrency payments. Further, this move marks a significant step towards making NFTs more accessible and inclusive for all.

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