Ronaldinho Gaúcho is playing a risky game off the field. The Brazilian soccer star has been shying away from a $61 million legal battle tied to his crypto firm, ‘18kRonaldinho’.

Quick Takes: 

  • 18kRonaldinho faces a $61 million crypto legal battle over promising unrealistic profits.
  • Soccer icon Ronaldinho has dodged legal hearings twice regarding his crypto enterprise. 
  • The soccer star has another chance to clear the air on August 31.

Ronaldinho’s Crypto Controversy 

The mighty $61 million crypto legal battle against 18kRonaldinho boils down to failing to live up to its lofty profit commitments of pledging daily earnings — more than 2% — from cryptocurrency stakes. The crypto legal battle is now part of a more extensive investigation surrounding blockchain-related scams nationwide.

Ronaldinho’s lawyers state he’s not the bad guy and is another victim. They claim his name and fame were misused to draw potential investors into the alleged scam without his blessing.

The soccer icon has given the cold shoulder to the court order twice. He dodged a governmental hearing on August 24, with bad weather to blame. Another chance for him to clear the air is set for August 31. If he fails to attend again, a police member will likely escort him to the committee.

You should show up in Brazil if you are cited to speak in a Congressional hearing. Otherwise, you risk steep fines and law enforcement dragging you to court.

Not helping matters, Ronaldinho’s crypto legal battle isn’t his first judicial stumbling block. In 2020, he and his brother Roberto got busted in Paraguay for using phony passports and spent over five months in jail as a consequence. Roberto is also under investigation regarding the controversy for this reason.

Ronaldinho’s NFT project — which he debuted last year alongside INFLUXO — is also under investigation.

So, will Ronaldinho score a legal goal or face a red card? The time is ticking.

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