• Stacks blockchain was designed to bring smart contracts and dApps to Bitcoin.
  • Stacks is providing a way to transfer assets to and from Bitcoin using smart contracts.
  • Its releases today advance its aim of making Bitcoin a more programmable smart contract hub.

The price of STX, the native token of the Stacks blockchain, has risen by more than 143% over the past week besides today’s surge of 31.73% at press time. The reason for today’s Stacks price surge is mainly because of two major whitepaper releases by the Stacks blockchain as it continues with its goal of making the Bitcoin blockchain a more programmable smart contract hub.

Stacks’ is a Layer-1 blockchain solution that aims works on bringing smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) functionality to the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin by design is a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain with no in-built smart contracts capabilities.

The two Stacks whitepapers

The first whitepaper release is titled “sBTC whitepaper” while the second whitepaper release is titled “stacks whitepaper.”

The sBTC whitepaper introduces a newly proposed asset referred to as sBTC that will act as a trustless two-way Bitcoin peg to allow for the swift transfer of assets to and from the Bitcoin blockchain. In essence, the sBTC will allow Bitcoin to become a more secure Web3 hub by enabling trustless writing to Bitcoin and the movement of Bitcoin in and out of Bitcoin layers. The transactions will be secured using 100% of Bitcoin hash power.

The sBTC complements Stacks 2.0 which introduced “read” access to the Bitcoin protocol.

The stacks whitepaper (Nakamoto Release) adds important capabilities to the Stacks protocol to enhance its power as a Bitcoin layer. The whitepaper introduces a number of changes that are to be made to the Stacks protocol in order to enable the trustless functionality of the newly proposed sBTC asset.

While the release of the two whitepapers is a major milestone for Stacks, it is also a major boost for the Bitcoin economy. sBTC will introduce a new era of Bitcoin applications, which will in turn unlock $300B+ within the Bitcoin ecosystem in latent capital for Web3 and also accelerate the growth of the Bitcoin economy.

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