The Switch Reward Card (Switch Black Card) is now available in Open Beta!

New York, USA – January 22, 2023 – Blockchain-based financial service firm Switch unveils significant product updates. 

The firm’s Switch Black Card is now available in Open Beta! Switch’s Trading Platform has also entered into a Closed Beta with an Open Beta on the coming horizon. When combining the two products within the Switch ecosystems users will be able to: 

  • Easily buy, sell, and send cryptocurrencies 
  • Top-up or Load their Card and spend converted currencies anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Earn rewards on their transactions within the ecosystem 

Another appealing factor is that – once customers sign up and pay for the Black Card – users are eligible to receive 20 Switch Lite Nodes (a $500 value) and a rebate of $1000 ETH on the purchase of a Switch Smart Node (offer available until midnight 31/01/2023 (MT)).

Switch also recently launched their Layer-2 Blockchain powered by a Node Network which will distribute its Digital Rewards. 

“I feel fortunate to be making this announcement and having kept that wonder about this emerging tech that will continue to change the world as it is being adopted faster than all previous technologies before it,”

said Switch Reward Card CEO and former President of Discover Bank, Kathy Roberts.

Switch Reward Card President, COO, and fellow co-founder Bradley Willden added: “The Switch Trading Platform has both custodial and non-custodial wallets giving our community members true ownership of their digital assets.”

More than 250 active users have already signed up for the Open Beta thanks to the unique utility of Switch Black Card. 

To learn more about the Switch Black Card please visit: www.switchrewardcard.comSwitch now invites all interested individuals to join the Open Beta:

About Switch 

Switch Digital Rewards is a financial services ecosystem on-chain. The company has a decentralized node network powered by the Switch Blockchain, which rewards node licenses with Switch Digital Rewards. Switch offers debit payment solutions for traditional and cryptocurrency transactions across the globe. 

Users can earn Switch Digital Rewards through “work and action” on the Switch network. It is a unique feature with utility designed to be used on the platform to purchase products and services easily. Node owners should not expect any value from Switch Digital Rewards other than its utility within the platform.

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