The world’s first physical NFT marketplace, ft has become a fantastic success. The founders of the ft store are now planning to open a second store in the Dubai Mall. Plus, the opening day of the Dubai NFT store saw visitors accessing a special event with the presence of NFT artists coming from all over the world.

Additionally, the artists leveraged the event as a platform to share and discuss their work and stories.

Quick Take:

  • Individuals can now buy NFTs in person from a physical store in the Mall of Dubai. 
  • The ftNFT or ft store is founded by SoftConstruct, operating with the Fastex ecosystem. 
  • This Dubai NFT store has become a major milestone for the crypto industry, enthusiasts, and artists.

The Dubai NFT Store Runs on the Fastex Ecosystem

The Fastex ecosystem is the operating system for the ft store. It includes products including Fastex Exchange, FastexVerse, Fastex Pay, Fastex Chain, FastToken, and FirstTicket. As a result, the Dubai NFT store owners are able to provide their customers with the required solutions for their needs. 

In addition to this system, this has become a significant moment for the NFT market and a physical address for NFT enthusiasts. People coming into the store can view and buy NFTs and digital assets. Furthermore, this will further bridge the gap between the people who wish to buy NFTs. Moreover, the purpose is to make NFT more accessible to everyone who is interested in entering the world of cryptocurrency. 

Seeing the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other related assets, more such stores can pop up in different locations. Moreover, both artists and collectors can benefit from this system. Hence, it can prove to be a good opportunity for the artists to showcase theirs, for collectors to grab new audiences and a unique market structure. 

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On the opening day of the ft store in the Mall of Dubai, the country’s first NFT artist, Amrita Sethi, was also present on an opening day.

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