K-pop’s finest male singers are getting ready to conquer BOYS PLANET’s cosmic stage and impress an innovative audience at The Sandbox

K-pop’s elite male vocalists are gearing up to dazzle and amaze at BOYS PLANET‘s intergalactic stage at The Sandbox, where big-name celebrities also perform, including Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5.

Quick Take: 

  • Korean television singing competition, BOYS PLANET, is joining The Sandbox on February 6 2 pm (UTC).
  • The metaverse will showcase male K-pop singers on its space-themed stage.
  • BOYS PLANET hopes to reach out to a wider global audience and boost its presence.

BOYS PLANET’s Upcoming Virtual Stage

BOYS PLANET consists of a group of male K-pop wannabees — alongside a few notable stars — who join a new group and compete to be the top stars via the television series.

As a result, aspiring celebrities will be taking to The Sandbox metaverse in avatar form to show off their talents and mix with those who care for innovation and a belter of a singing voice on February 6 at 2 pm (UTC).

Today, the Korean K-Pop competition program took to Twitter to share the good news:

Like the stage showcased on the TV program, The Sandbox’s location will be space themed. The two groups (Korean and global) will also both represent a planet.

The live performances will bring the brand to life by creating interactive, immersive experiences that help build an emotional connection with its audience. Moreover, it’s an excellent way for BOYS PLANET to reach a younger, tech-savvy audience that cares for innovation.

BOYS PLANET’s virtual performances mark the first time the TV series differentiates itself from traditional advertising, creating more memorable and shareable experiences for both old and new fans.

The Sandbox has 200,000 active users each month. Thus, the virtual space is a fantastic way to attract a global audience and boost the television program.

Few details about the metaverse competition are to be revealed. But what we do know for sure is that all participants and performances are unique — another new world is coming!

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