As far as any blockchain organization and company is aware, the first and most favorable target for them to reach is the cryptocurrency community. When it comes to this industry, there are many cryptocurrencies, and each community comes equipped with certain primary tools as well as a significant native currency in order to consume it for their own purposes.

The importance of virtual communities

On the website, the members of the community will find information and practical tools as well as places of community expression in relation to their centers of interest. The community phenomenon on the Internet is not recent and started approximately with the creation of the modern Internet. Women, parents, sportsmen, seniors, students, etc., each type of public is offered or has been offered access to a specialized community site related to their interests.

This community dynamic can be spontaneous, at the initiative of informed Internet users (e.g.: a site for classic car enthusiasts), at the initiative of a non-profit organization (religious community), or created in a well-thought-out manner by a private organization (e.g.: Internet Service Providers’ communities). In the latter case, the motivations of the organization, at the initiative of this community, are of a lucrative nature.

Faced with this diversity, several terms are used to designate a virtual community: online community, electronic community, a community of interest, virtual community of economic interests, social network site, etc. This abundance of terms and types of communities makes it difficult to classify them. However, we can distinguish between B-to-B virtual communities, C-to-C virtual communities, and B-to-C virtual communities.

  • B to B virtual communities: These can be vertical (integration by profession), horizontal (integration by function), or internal to the company (extranet, intranet, employee community [example:]).
  • C to C virtual communities: At the initiative of a public figure, they include non-profit communities of interest (community of video games, literature, film, political or philosophical enthusiasts, etc.).
  • B to C virtual communities: These are created by a company wishing to get closer to its customers and/or prospects. This goes from the de facto community (ISP portal) to the commercial virtual community.

Best Marketing Agencies in 2022

Just as we begin our list of the best community development agencies in 2022, it’s worth noting that you need to invest some time yourself to understand the concepts. Agencies will surely take care of the community growth process, but being an informed client can make a big difference for both parties. The crypto ecosystem is not yet a concrete concept, so you can make it a point to gain a basic understanding before you start your research.


Thanks to its expertise in digital marketing, Ecomtancyweb also seems to be a better agency. It has always been able to expand its client base in an innovative way. The agency knows how to comply with any type of business. Apart from operating and managing metaverse-related projects, Ecomtancyweb also manages projects related to video games, NFT, and cryptocurrency.

But in addition to that, the agency also has the necessary tools to ensure its client’s active presence in the industry. Ecomtancyweb concurrently provides the required knowledge for this purpose. What makes it a better agency is its ability to develop branded game worlds and successful strategies. Apart from that, Ecomtancyweb manages to create both entertaining and engaging experiences. The agency also excels in the digital arts segment. It can assist companies that want to create the best NFT for their brand.


Coinbound is a neo-digital marketing agency with a significant advantage in the form of extensive market research databases, tools, and industry expertise in the Metaverse. It provides services to clients who want to trade NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains. In addition, Coinbound also has a long list of clients who happen to be famous companies in their respective industries, which adds to their credibility.

Coinbound can help you with many innovative marketing methods such as Metaverse influencer marketing, Discord server execution, and curating your brand personality to meet the expectations of the Metaverse-ready generation. If you want an agency that manages the end-to-end Metaverse marketing process, Coinbound is your starting point.


If you’re looking for a marketing agency that covers even the smallest aspects of the Metaverse, Bemersive should definitely find a priority spot on your list. In fact, they serve some of the biggest brands in the world, like Twitter and Publicis Groupe, which puts them in a better position to help smaller brands. However, it’s best to have an adequate in-house team in place before you reach out to these agencies. This is because it can be intimidating and too time-consuming for regular employees to communicate, collaborate and analyze new concepts with an outside agency.


GEEIQ has quickly become one of the most popular names in digital marketing agencies specializing in cryptocurrencies. They have a great client success team that educates each client on the industry and the strategies followed. They are a knowledge-based agency that leverages real-time monitoring, competitive analysis, and iterative marketing strategies for its clients.

As the crypto ecosystem is still in its formative years, GEEIQ focuses on laying the foundation and providing a solid foundation for its marketing activities. This makes them ideal for clients who want to not only project their brand into the industry but also learn some concepts as part of the consulting process.


Metavision is a large-scale digital marketing agency that enables businesses of all industries and sizes to establish a presence on the Metaverse. Since it focuses solely on this particular area, it can be considered a great option for companies that want a single-channel communication experience with their agency.

She is also one of the first entrants in the industry, and this aspect greatly benefits her clients. However, it can be a little less exciting if you want a single marketing agency that would handle all aspects, whether it’s basic digital marketing or Meta.

Publicis Poke

Publicis Poke is another industry heavyweight with an extensive client list. They have run large-scale Metaverse marketing campaigns that include, but are not limited to, crypto projects, NFT and crypto games, and blockchain project marketing. While they cover a wide range of industries, they also provide standardized Metaverse outreach strategies, making it easy to work with them.

Their approach focuses on creating a comprehensive brand communication strategy that resonates with user sentiment to create a compelling brand presence. They have considerable expertise in the AR/VR space, making them the ideal solution provider for brands looking to make their debut on the next-generation internet platform.


If you’re looking to bring creative and strategic vision to your project’s presence in one setting, Rumfoords is an excellent agency. They work on extensive production activities for project marketing and also provide appropriate guidance to their clients. They have served several clients in the past few months and have also provided excellent customer service. In addition, they can offer you many innovative marketing strategies as they focus solely on leveraging the crypto environment. If you are looking for an exclusive workflow, Rumfoords can be one of the best options for you.


Lunastrategy is also one of the innovative metaverse agencies. What sets it apart from its competitors is its expertise in creating events around virtual and augmented reality. The agency acts as an advisor for companies wishing to enter the metaverse.

In addition to advice, Lunastrategy is also an expert in immersion strategy, with technical support during the process. In order to do so, it proposes relevant and creative media content. This will allow the company to gain visibility and expand its virtual community. For companies that want to provide unique content in the virtual world, this is the best metaverse agency to cooperate with.

Takeaway Reality

Another new generation marketing agency also caught our attention: Takeaway Reality. It excels especially in multiverse-based consulting. It is, in a way, the best metaverse agency in terms of proto-metaverse platforms for a brand. But in addition to that, the agency also has the tools necessary to ensure the company’s active presence in the metaverse.

Takeaway Reality also provides the knowledge required for this purpose. With an experienced 3D modeling team, the company easily transforms real products into the digital world. In short, Takeaway Reality ensures the visibility of brands in the metaverse through 3D modeling. But before that, it provides the necessary infrastructure to host the products inside this virtual world.


Fastly is an infrastructure platform that works as an edge computing IaaS service. Its role is to bridge the gap between servers and other data source equipment. Operating in 28 countries, the platform is capable of delivering 145 GB of data in one second, hence its name.

Today, almost all services are based on cloud computing. However, the routing of data can take time. Sometimes you have to wait several seconds for a web page to load or to process a task. This problem usually comes from the distance the data has to travel to land on your computer.

The functioning of the metaverse is more or less similar to that of cloud computing. It can suffer from latency or lag. The data flow required to create the metaverse is even more massive. That’s where the agency comes in, to ensure that the data is delivered without latency or lag. Delivering this kind of speed puts fastly in the ranks of the best metaverse agencies.

We at Ecomtancyweb have worked with many NFT/ GameFi projects to help them reach their respective goals. We can handle all Marketing aspects needed for your NFT/ GameFi projects to establish a Unique Identity in the Metaverse space with a strong community base supporting your project. If you have dreams to achieve determined goals for your NFT project, Get in touch with us Now!

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