Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are novel and exciting but require significant outreach before they are adopted by the general public. Creating visual identities and product communication requires proper design and skilled designers.

So what should you keep in mind when designing?

  • Put yourself in the user’s shoes

Try not to use jargon or technical terms. Make sure you design for the user and focus on the value the product presents to them. For the majority of people, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are currently uninteresting or even off-putting due to the complexity of their appearance. The mission of designers is therefore to arouse the curiosity of potential users and encourage their familiarization with this market

  • Simplify as much as possible

Even complex technologies must be understandable. Currently, many terms such as DApp, Altcoins, and proof of work leave one wondering. Strive to make every step easy and create a clear website with a simplified user experience. Users don’t particularly care about the technology behind a given product; they just want to be able to use it with ease.

  • Dispel fears

Many people are still dubious about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. A visual identity should be playful and entice people to try a new product, buy currency, or learn more. Make sure to arouse curiosity!

  • Be transparent

Let’s not forget that dealing with cryptocurrencies involves handling people’s money. The different levels of security should be clear and understandable. Also, transactions involving different currencies can take time. Therefore, it is essential to ensure transparency and communicate about the duration of events and the security measures in place. This will build confidence and dispel any doubts.

  • Stand out from the crowd

When analyzing logos and designs in the cryptocurrency industry, we noticed that a lot of companies ended up looking the same using particle effects or futuristic-looking shadows and angles. Why? Simply because they all use the same logo design and website template platforms. Yet, standing out is crucial. Be creative and bold! Nowadays, designers can still take risks to invite the general public to discover new products.

Top 7 Crypto/Gamefi Website Designs

Moving on to the main part of this article, we are basically going to show you the top crypto/gamefi websites that we consider eye-catching:


Waves is an “international public blockchain platform” founded in 2016. It offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to use and develop products associated with blockchain. For example, this platform allows you to create your own currency. The visual identity of this brand is clear, and that’s what we liked.

The design remains homogeneous on the whole platform. Its square logo could not be simpler and more classic appears on all the communication supports of the company while bringing a certain lightness. Its website gives the impression of being in motion, which gives it a modern and dynamic look without being too playful. The choice of blue and gray seems appropriate for the sector.

Pop culture kids

Pop Culture Kids is an NFT collection that features fun celebrity caricature cards, the 800 NFT collection is mainly composed of 20 characters. Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Tommy Chong, and plenty of other notable figures will in fact appear on their special card series in order to boost their price levels.

The black color scheme has less to do with the cryptocurrency world and more to do with the NFT world. Nevertheless, each of these colors carries a very unique set of emotional connotations that turn it into a very strong marketing tool for brands. The color purple on the Pop Culture Kids website represents both faith and craftsmanship, making this color an essential part of their goals and activities. For the same reason, PoP Culture Kids also uses the black color palette and many other colors.

Pop Culture Kids is a fully functional and updated website. Its designers focused on the future-oriented and high-tech aspects of NFT, bringing them to new levels with improved site functionalities, such as interactive illustrations, etc.


The Decentraland project is actually a blockchain platform that is used mainly for virtual reality with which we have the possibility to create digital content. Indeed, when we use this platform, it offers immense possibilities to create many applications as well as various content offers. The project uses Ethereum to operate, Decentraland offers in this way an efficient and state-of-the-art way to create 3D content.

As you can see, the concept of this project is quite complicated and difficult to understand for newcomers. However, the official Decentraland website is very simple and well organized. This simplicity helps newcomers to get a better idea of the main structure of this virtual world, without worrying about complicated tools or expressions. The design of the Decentraland website is a mix of modernity and informality, from the colors to the organization, it’s simply amazing.


A very large technology company, ConsenSys offers various products to its users and business partners and develops software for the blockchain industry. According to its website, “ConsenSys Solutions brings blockchain to the business world. We help companies, governments, nonprofits, and startups around the world create, test, and deploy public and private blockchain solutions. We provide training, strategic advice, service development and implementation, and opportunities for “joint ventures” and co-creation.”

Its logo and institutional design are futuristic. Images are combined with dark colors throughout the communication materials. The logo – a spinning circle – resembles a black hole in space, a mysterious object that invites exploration. On the home page of its website, Consensys uses particularly bold images with a scientific aspect. It creates surprise: is it a biological experiment, a research project? This encourages the user to explore the site further and learn more about the company.


To begin with, we should clarify that NEO is not simply a cryptocurrency. It is a platform with open-source Blockchain network technology, which operates with a decentralized proof-of-interest consensus mechanism tolerant to byzantine faults. It is China’s first digital currency and is considered a direct and close competitor to Ethereum. In fact, many call it “the new Ethereum or Chinese Ethereum.” However, despite their strong similarities they maintain certain differences.

Founded in 2014 by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang, it was originally developed to create a Blockchain application platform. Also for the purpose of creating a smart contract system for issuing and managing digitized assets called NeoContract. Their project vision is based on establishing a smart economy through the implementation of smart contracts based on Blockchain technology.

The company’s visual identity has been carefully thought out and is particularly fun and playful. NEO’s logo is immediately recognizable. The company uses a beautiful suite of icons throughout its communication channels. You can see and feel the innovative nature of a company that doesn’t give up on the fun aspect.


Reef (Reliable extensible efficient fast), presents itself as a layer 1 blockchain for Defi, NFT as well as gaming. The Reef chain is an all-in-one blockchain, in other words, it is a mix of all the known and trusted features of the most popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polygon blockchain while maintaining the full functionality of smart contracts.

Reef’s color scheme is purple and white, which is not commonly employed on most cryptocurrency websites. On the other hand, with such a color and texture solution, all users will be able to visualize the idea very effectively. Reef’s website has the absolute functionalities as well as the speed needed to express its unique concept and it also fully meets the customers’ needs. Interactive illustrations, a dynamic logo, and minimalistic design are clearly visible here, along with the angular and grid styles that are dominating this website.

Axie Infinity

As with any other tool, it’s a good idea to do a little research before you invest. What is the Axie Infinity project and game all about? What is the business model of its crypto, Axie Infinity Shard? To help you better understand this phenomenon that is affecting the cryptocurrency ecosystem, we offer you some important information about Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is an online game that is based on the “P2E” (Play to Earn) model and on blockchain technology. The project was started in 2018 by the studio Sky Mavis. However, it is only recently that Axie Infinity has exploded and made news around the world. Some gamers from developing countries are actually managing to earn a decent salary playing Axie Infinity.

And now, let’s move on to the main part, the design of the game’s website! Axie Infinity’s visual identity consists of an animated story that informs users about the game’s history and its main features. The developers of the Axie Infinity website have integrated the colors in such a great way (even if it looks a bit childish) that if you see it for the first time, you will think that it is a professional Playstation or Xbox game, but it is not. Apart from that, their website is compatible and works perfectly on all modern devices available on the market.


One of the main missions of the web designer (whether it is experience design or interface design) is to make complex information understandable. Crypto is a new and complicated concept that still escapes most people. Web design must seize this fact and imagine solutions to make the functioning of virtual currencies clearer. Most of the websites of the different existing cryptocurrencies look the same and show little imagination to make the blockchain understandable. So the challenge remains.

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