Toymint releases Minted Teddy NFTs alongside physical versions as part of its mission toward “creating a better world for children”

Unlike many other NFT collections, Toymint brings the unordinary to the Web3 realm by involving children with NFTs accompanying physical toy teddy bears. 

Quick Take: 

  • Toymint is releasing its next generation of Minted Teddy NFTs that accompany physical toys.
  • Just 5,000 of 11,111 Minted Teddy’s will be available on January 30.
  • The collection will consist of space-themed teddies with over 130 unique objects and 20 unique styles.

Toymint’s Minted Teddy Collection – The Process

Toymint⁠, a Vancouver-based Web3 toy company, is to launch Minted Teddy—collectible metaverse toys that incorporate physical and digital play⁠—on January 30.

Designed by Italian artist Claudio Bellini, Minted Teddy are playable characters in the Mintedverse. Each digital asset also comes with a beautifully crafted action figure made with sustainable materials.

The latest collection includes space-themed teddy bears and a collaboration with the MoonCats team, featuring over 130 unique objects and 20 styles of space flight gear.

Each toy also has a unique digital avatar that collectors can unlock with near-field communication (NFC) technology on a smartphone.

The toy company believes that providing children with sustainable, high-quality toys and experiences can contribute to a better future.

“Minted Teddy is more than just a toy – it’s a work of art that celebrates the beauty and potential of childhood. These teddies are attractive, well-made, and will offer experiences that encourage children to explore and grow, be kind and compassionate, and think about creating a better future for themselves and those around them”,

said Zoran Kovacevic, CEO and founder of Minted Teddy.

“With its child-friendly features including durable construction, there’s also no need for email and password login. Minted Teddy provides a safe and accessible introduction to the world of cryptocurrency. These teddies are truly a treasure for children and collectors alike.”

Past collections have sold out upon release. So, stay tuned for more details.

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