King Charles NFTs — a coronation tribute designed by Trevor Jones — have risen during this weekend’s crowning celebrations. Available for free on Nifty Gateway since yesterday, the mint attracted a whopping 20,202 collectors. All holders of “The Oath” assets now can win a limited edition NFT, “The Crown”.

Quick Takes: 

  • To celebrate King Charles’ coronation, Trevor Jones provided a unique opportunity for Nifty Gateway members to own a piece of digital heritage.
  • 20,202 collectors got their hands on “The Oath” NFT for free, featuring a prestigious symbol of the crown jewels representing the royal event, St. Edward’s crown.
  • All holders of the NFTs can enter a raffle on May 14 to win another limited-edition NFT “The Crown”, and a physical print of “The Oath” signed by Trevor Jones.

Inspiration Behind ‘The Oath’ NFTs 

Renowned NFT artist Trevor Jones created of series of digital collectibles to honor King Charles’ coronation, which took place on Saturday (May 6). These unique collectors pay tribute to the historic occasion. As a result, 20,202 collectors, enthusiasts, and royalists now own a piece of digital heritage.

To make the NFTs accessible to all walks of life interested, all Nifty Gateway members had the unique opportunity to acquire “The Oath” NFT free of charge. The digital artwork features St. Edward’s crown, the most prestigious symbol of the crown jewels, crafted from gold and adorned with 444 stones, symbolizing the royal affair.

To further entice collectors, all holders of “The Oath” can partake in a raffle on May 14 to win a limited edition NFT, “The Crown”. There are 444 of these digital assets up for grabs, alongside the chance to win 60 x 60 cm physical prints of “The Oath”, signed by Trevor Jones himself.

Exploring Trevor Jones’ Creative History

The mastermind behind these NFTs, Trevor Jones, has been crafting at the intersection of art and technology for over a decade. Formerly a traditional painter whose medium was initially oil, he now embraces contemporary abstract and realistic paintings using blockchain technology.

Since merging into the blockchain world in 2018, he has become one of the most innovative artists in the Web3 realm. In February 2021, his “Bitcoin Angel” NFT collectibles amassed a staggering £3.2 million in sales in just seven minutes.

With the release of his commemorative King Charles NFTs, Jones continues pushing digital collectibles’ boundaries while paying tribute to historical events. This unique fusion of modern technology and traditional symbolism makes the King Charles NFT collection a success, capturing the attention of 20,000 collectors and counting.

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