Thanks to the recent indictment of Donald Trump, and his name and image being in the news across the past week, the former President’s NFT collection depicting himself have gone up.

Quick Takes

  • Donald Trump’s ‘Trump Digital Trading Cards’ saw sales increase 400% in a one day period last week.
  • The former US President was indicted a few days ago in relation to a ‘hush money’ scandal.
  • The rise in sales could be thanks to a strong quarter for NFTs as a whole. The market reached $4.7 billion in sales.

The latest on the Trump case as the 45th US President headed back to NY yesterday.

The Details on Trump’s Indictment

Last week, former President Donald Trump was indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan, New York City. This, on account of over 30 counts of business fraud related to hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels near the time of his 2016 election campaign.

To clarify, an indictment is a formal accusation or charge made by a grand jury, which determines whether there is enough evidence to justify a criminal trial.

The indictment alleges that the former ‘The Apprentice’ host, illegally paid Daniels $130,000 to keep her from speaking out about an alleged affair with him, in violation of finance laws. The indictment also alleges that the payments were named as business expenses. These claims were later, of course, discovered not to be. He has continually denied the allegations and indictment.

Even with the indictment, many sources have claimed that Trump could run to become President again, but as the only ever former president to face criminal charges, he could struggle more than before in ballots.

Interestingly, the development of AI artwork was shown clearly, as a few bots had shared newly-created images of the controversial business personality being arrested and chased down by police. These images had been doing the rounds on Twitter.

What’s Happened with His NFTs?

Trump released a collection of NFTs titled ‘Trump Digital Trading Cards’ late last year. Since, he has been in the news across the industry every other week, it seems. From copying costumes from major retailers, to reserving the top NFTs for his team, he has certainly seen a lot of coverage in relation to them.

Now, however, it seems his fans (or haters) have perked up again to purchase more. After the announcement of the billionaire’s indictment, the prices and sales numbers of the NFTs rised.

According to OpenSea data, the sales increased by over 400% on the day of indictment. Also, they reached a recent high of just under 0.6 ETH. This price neared the all-time high of over 0.69 ETH which was seen in February.

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