The famed gaming giant Ubisoft is extending its renowned alien rabbit characters ‘Rabbids‘ into Reddit NFTs, introducing a new level of excitement and amusement to user profiles.

Quick Takes: 

  • Ubisoft enters the NFT realm, bringing Rabbids characters to Reddit as Polygon NFTs.
  • The Rabbids collectibles consist of engaging designs that honor the classic imagery from Nintendo’s Mario series.
  • Following the success of Reddit’s Snoo collectibles — which have a $330 million market cap — Rabbids is set to energize the NFT community.

Rabbids Leap into Reddit

Widely recognized for their roles in Nintendo’s Mario series, Rabbids are now available on Reddit as Polygon NFTs. From gleaming unicorn rabbits displaying golden plungers to displeased knights wielding plungers, various designs showcasing the iconic weapons from past games bring charm to Reddit’s Rabbids NFTs.

As a result, Reddit users can now own a unique piece of Rabbids artwork which they can either display to celebrate fandom or sell or trade for financial purposes depending on their scarcity and desirability.

Adding a fresh element to its already much-loved avatars on-chain, Reddit took to Twitter to share the good news about Ubisoft’s Rabbids NFTs:

Reddit’s Prior NFT Engagements

Following the success of Reddit’s Snoo NFT avatars that debuted in July 2022, Rabbids digital collectibles are set to be a powerful addition to the burgeoning world of digital assets.

The acquirement of 13.5 million Snoo collectibles left a mark on the NFT landscape. Despite the majority of digital collectibles distributing for free, the collectible items have a surpassing market capitalization of $330 million, demonstrating the expansive appeal and potential of digital assets within the Reddit community.

Secondary sales alone generated a whopping $32.6 million from approximately 300,000 transactions, representing the significance of marketplaces.

Following the history of Reddit NFTs, Ubisoft’s Rabbids NFTs will likely boost the NFT market to greater heights. With a distinct identity and rich gaming heritage, they will likely generate a similar, if not higher, demand and enthusiasm than Snoo collectibles.

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