New Tech Startup launches solution to banking withdrawal crisis concerns. The financial world is in turmoil following Hugh Hendry’s stunning forecast to Bloomberg Markets that the US government may halt bank withdrawals for cash. Elon Musk threw fuel on the fire by tweeting, “That’s a massive incentive to move money out of bank accounts”!

These explosive remarks were prompted by a litany of bank failures, with the latest being the First Republic takeover by JPMorgan on May 1st. The outlook isn’t completely dark; services like PayPal allow for an in-wallet fiat purchase. Visa has also been innovating new means to enable payments within self-custodial wallets. These companies are leading the way for the crypto economy to supplant the need for a traditional bank account. Stage 3 Crypto’s offering is the final puzzle piece, an answer to the function “interest” plays in a conventional banking arrangement.

Stage 3 Crypto provides this service with a variant of NFT technology called the “NooT”. A NooT is a standard NFT that allows for full or fractional ownership of Ethereum Validation Nodes. Their tagline is “BUY NFT, OWN A VALIDATOR, EARN CRYPTO”; their tagline is exactly how it works. All one must do is purchase their NFT and complete an activation process. They will earn a share of their validator’s blockchain rewards from there. This exciting offering allows anyone entry to the technical world of validation to anyone with a wallet and some crypto. Validators, the environmentally conscious replacement for ecologically damaging GPU-based crypto miners, allow people to receive crypto as a reward for making computational power available to the network, among other benefits. is bringing in a new era of validation services, focusing on the scalability of the ecosystem, eco-friendly technologies, and enabling participation in blockchain for everyone. “It’s the total validation experience brought to everyone at an affordable price,” Co-Founder Kyle Sponable says. He continues, “My business partner, Sam, and I wanted to make validation practical for everyone.”  



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