Hats off to OG non-fungible token (NFT) project, VeeFriends, for partnering with Bart Bridge: a unique California-based fashion brand founded by VeeFriends holders.

Quick Take: 

  • VeeFriends partners with Bart Bridge, a California-based fashion brand founded by VeeFriends holders.
  • Bart Bridge creates unique custom cap patches and badges on hats for storing small items. This time around, featuring the NFT project’s famous characters.
  • Between March 8 – 13, Series 1 VeeFriends holders can claim a free cap featuring their VeeFriends character. Series 2 VeeFriends holders can receive a 25% discount.
  • During the pre-order period, non-members can also purchase a cap for $35 on the Bart Bridge website.
Bart Bridge x VeeFriends Passionate Parrot Cap

Why Custom Cap Patches Meet NFT-Designs

Bart Bridge is an independent fashion brand in the California Bay Area that sews custom patches and badges on hats to form a unique pocket, ideal for storing small items.

The founders, Luke and Mike, are VeeFriends enthusiasts. After meeting the curator of Veefriends, Gary Vaynerchuk, at VeeCon back in 2022 and showing off their caps, their relationship blossomed. Now, representing this collaboration.

Just as excited as Bart Bridge about the collaboration, Vaynerchuk voiced the excellent news about the partnership on Twitter:

The collection will feature VeeFriends’ much-loved characters: Patient Pig, Hard-Working Wombat, Patient Panda, Karma Kiwi, Passionate Parrot, and Optimistic Otter.

How to Grab a VeeFriends Cap 

All Series 1 VeeFriends holders are lucky enough to claim a free Bart Bridge x VeeFriends cap featuring their own VeeFriends character. To receive this community reward, they must pre-order the cap between March 8 – 13 at noon (EST).

Moreover, Series 2 VeeFriends holders of one of the characters showcased will receive a discount code on the exact dates, saving 25% off a cap that features their chosen VeeFriend.

Those not fortunate enough to be a community member of the blue-chip NFT project can purchase a cap for $35. Just head to the Bart Bridge website during the same 5-day pre-order at the same time.

Get involved — this new collaboration justifies the power of the VeeFriends community and the creativity that it fosters.

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