Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has recently been active in moving and selling assets, including Ethereum and Maker. He transferred 999 ETH to a different address and has been involved in depositing ETH to Bitstamp, according to Spot On Chain. These transactions have been tracked over the past month and are noteworthy given Buterin’s influential role in the crypto space.

Key Data

The most recent Ethereum transaction involved a transfer of 999 ETH from address 0xD04daa65144b97F147fbc9a9B45E741dF0A28fd7 to address 0x5567A4bE2D5b77F5Fd870f99Ed9167Feab8831B1. The transaction ID for this move is 0xa1111970c149cbd1f5782f9dadd977439eba1ec2c25fe8ccfdc9bb6003d06664.

999 ETH transaction. Source: ethplorer

Prior to this, Buterin had deposited 1,602 ETH to Bitstamp, an action that was also conducted through the address 0x5567A4bE2D5b77F5Fd870f99Ed9167Feab8831B1. Additionally, 100 ETH were sold for 173,000 USDC via the same address.

In terms of Maker tokens, as reported by Blockchain.News, Buterin sold 500 MKR from address 0x1Db3439a222C519ab44bb1144fC28167b4Fa6EE6 for 353.4 ETH. The transaction ID for this sale is 0x11296c8c2554d256f802a8af9ab0f20628f6f9403e6592a1b80a91861fbe28fc

Ethereum Transactions

The latest transaction ID for the ETH transfer is a long alphanumeric string, and the addresses involved in the transfer are from a better-known address to another address. The amount transferred was 999 ETH. In terms of previous activity, 1,602 ETH were deposited to Bitstamp and 100 ETH were sold for 173,000 USDC via a different address.

Maker Transactions

The transaction ID for the MKR sale is another long alphanumeric string. The addresses involved in this transaction were from one address to another. The amount sold was 500 MKR for 353.4 ETH. This is noteworthy as it’s the first MKR sale by Buterin in two years.


The transactions, while not revealing the underlying reason, indicate a series of calculated financial moves. The deposit of 1,602 ETH to Bitstamp and the sale of 100 ETH for USDC are particularly significant.

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