Google Loves Fast Loading And Optimized Websites


Site Speed Optimization


Struggling with a slow website? Let us help you fix that! We’ll work on improving your site’s loading time, and structure as well as aim to get you a higher score with GTMetrix and other relevant speed testing tools. We’ll optimise your images, enable caching, minify files and code, enable site compression, and recommend blazing fast server config.

Test your Site

See how your site performs using different site testing tools. Please note that no testing tool is perfect and doesn’t show you the full picture regarding your site’s performance but generally your site should load in not more than 3 - 4 secs.


What's Included?

With our Site Speed Optimization service, we aim to improve your overall site loading speed, letting Google know that you’re serious about your online business with a fully optimised website. We will review your website, implement the necessary plugins, tools, and edits to help speed it up & offer recommendations for the future, so you can keep a good score.



Satisfied work gurantee



Speed up your website loading time up to 95%



Less loading and server response time. Load your website within a second.

Optimization Result

How We Work


#1 Site Review

We’ll do an analysis of your current site’s speed and performance metrics and record them. We’ll use these later in the report we provide to you so you can see the improvements on your site.


#2 Image Optimization

We’ll review and optimize the images on your 4 most important site pages. Then we’ll proceed to your blog post images and other images on your website and set up image optimizations for the future.


#3 Site Optimization

The next step is to optimize your site for speed and try to improve your performance metrics on GTMetrix – Page loading time, Pagespeed, and Yslow performance. We’ll minify Javascript and CSS files, then reduce the number of requests needed to load your site. All-new performance metrics will be recorded in the new report.


#4 The Result

Finally, we will create a report on your site improvements and offer any recommendations that may allow you to enhance your site’s performance further. We’ll also make recommendations on how to keep your site running smoothly in the future!

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