Yue Minjun is a popular Chinese political pop artist who is ready to release his second NFT collection on August 8th. The LiveArt platform will host the launch of “Kingdom of the Laughing Man,” showcasing some of the most iconic laughing figurines.

Quick Takes:

  • Yue Minjun is releasing his second NFT collection on August 8th.
  • The collection will contain 1,200 exclusive NFTs in the Profile Picture (PFP) format.
  • The launch will be live on the LiveArt platform, with presales starting at 5 a.m. PDT.

How was the digital art career of Yue Minjun?

As the world experiences a convergence of technology and art, everyone is showing interest in NFTs, the latest digital assets. Given that, Yue Minjun is a rising artist in this digital realm with his own ideas.

In China, Minjun’s cynical take on Socialist Realism has made him a prominent figure. Also, the Chinese state supported him, and with NFTs, he found a platform to share his beliefs and ideas with his fan base. Moreover, he has explored various media over the years, and the digital frontier thrills him the most.

In a recent statement, Minjun expressed his excitement and shared how NFTs can bring his art to life in ways that could not have been possible through physical media. Therefore, fans are excited to see how his style will be seen in the digital realm through his NFT collection “Kingdom of the Laughing Man”.

Yue Minjun’s inaugural NFT Collection, “Kingdom of the Laughing Man,” set to drop on LiveArt on August 8

Yue Minjun’s beliefs behind the collection

The collection will start with a series of 1,200 unique NFTs in the PFP (Profile Picture) format, called “Boundless”. Moreover, this collection represents Cryptopunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and each NFT represents an exclusive digital artwork. 

Furthermore, the collection will be presented in association with the IV Gallery in Los Angeles. Presented on the LiveArt platform on August 8th, the presales will start at 5 a.m. PDT. However, the NFTs come at a premium price, starting at 0.35 ETH ($645 at the time of writing). 

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