Gucci recently hinted at a metaverse collaboration with Yuga Labs. Subsequently, the high-end fashion brand has announced “Relics by Gucci” — a limited-edition collection of Gucci pendants with corresponding NFTs connected to the narrative of Yuga Labs’ metaverse, the Otherside.

Quick Takes:

  • Gucci joins Yuga Labs’ Otherside to create special KodaPendant NFTs accompanying physical, wearable pendants.
  • Only 3,333 KodaPendants will be available. Otherdeed players can win one for free in the new metaverse game, Legends of the Mara. Additionally, all Otherdeed holders can purchase one for nearly $2k worth of ApeCoin.
  • Exclusive physical Pendants will only be available to a select list of countries, excluding many regions like Africa, Central America, and most of Asia.

The Full Scope of ‘Relics by Gucci’

Gucci is joining forces with the ape-themed NFT game, the Otherside, which revolves around enigmatic aliens called “Kodas”.

Consequently, the first “Relic” from Yuga’s partnership with Gucci will include a KodaPendant. The physical jewelry item will accompany an NFT, which grants various benefits to the Otherside metaverse.

Gucci announced this well-received news on Twitter, resulting in a retweet by Otherside:

Each KodaPendant NFT includes a physical KodaPendant, featuring a silver chain and a Koda alien-shaped silver pendant marked with “GG” (gamer slang for “good game”). In addition, each physical item will have a distinct edition number engraved on the back.

Only residents from the United States, Canada, most European nations, and a few Gulf states like Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE can receive an exclusive Pendant in the mail. No African, Central American, or South American residents are eligible for a pendant. The same applies to Asian countries, except for Japan.

Moreover, as summertime hits, the KodaPendants will grant exclusive cosmetic customization choices for Otherside avatars.

Acquiring a KodaPendant – Top Strategies 

Around 3,333 KodaPendants will be available for purchase starting Thursday, April 6, at 6:00 pm (EST). Each Pendant is buyable with Yuga’s native token, Apecoin, and will cost 450 APE ($1,917 USD) at this time of writing)). However, not everyone can get their hands on one if these limited-edition phygital jewelry items.

Otherdeed holders can purchase a KodaPendant for nearly $2k. Essentially, they can try their luck at winning a Vessel NFT which opens up the gateways to acquiring a pendant when partaking in Yuga Labs upcoming game, Legends of the Mara.

This announcement isn’t the first time a fashion powerhouse links forces with a blue-chip NFT project. For example, CryptoPunks recently partnered with Tiffany & Co to create physical and digital pendants. This collaboration was well received, therefore, likely influences Yuga’s new venture. 

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